Mentalk Coffee Candy & Ginseng

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Mentalk acts as rapid energy replenisment food for athletes during sport training. It is a powerful enhancement which effectively improves body nerve system, reduces fatigue, increases performances on training and competition. Mentalk is totally fulfilled requirement among sport contestants since it is free of artificial hormone, medicines and illegal drugs.

The unique technology of this research and development is able to combine Cynomorium Songaricum with hydrolyzed protein, which then boost up its curative effect. This has greatly surpassed from common formulation.

************* Main Ingredients *************
Cynomorium Songaricum - Invigorates the kidney and supplements essence for kidney 'YANG' and insufficiency of blood manifested as impotence, nourishes the intestine and relaves the bowels. It has the full range of nourishment compounds ideal for middle ages.

Ginseng Extract - Improves our immune system, body metabolism, heart muscle, relieves fatigue, improves synthesis of red blood cell, prevents aging.

Hydrolysed Protein - More easily and directly absorbed, basic structuring of cell, regeneration of tissues.

Enzyme - Production of new cells, decomposes body toxins and metabolic wastes, decomposes fat and glycogen to produce energy.

Pomegranate Polyphenol - Powerful anti oxidative effect, anti-mutagenic effect.

Malt - Skin nourishment, increases stamina, stimulates appetite.

Nowdays, our living environment is worsening due to environment pollution, pesticide or chemical pollution on food and hustle lifestyle. Lack of nutriments and demolishment on our body cells can lead to abnormal metabolism and various types of chronic diseases. Our body becomes enervate due to cell aging and it is inclining to be severe from adulthood until old age. Thus, mentalk is playing a vital role in our life.

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